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I’d like suggest a puzzle to be added to the site.
Yes of course! Please send you submissions/suggestions to submit@puzzul.uk

Are the puzzles shown on Puzzul for adults or children?
The puzzles featured are primarily aiming for the adult market, rather than for children. All puzzles featured have at least approximately 500 pieces, so may be too difficult for younger children.

Do you have any puzzles for children?
We’ve got a few that would be suitable for older children. But as all featured puzzles have around 500 pieces, children may need a little adult help to complete them.

Why can’t I buy puzzles directly from Puzzul?
We want to show the best puzzles available from everywhere, rather than a small limited selection from ourselves.

Do you receive compensation from the other retailers?
Where possible, we may receive small affiliate fees from some retailers. But these do not effect what puzzles we feature on the site.

I’d like to advertise on your site.
Please get in touch with us at advertising@puzzul.uk

Why was the price higher/lower on the retailer once I clicked through?
The prices shown were correct at the time of publication, and hence may change over time.

Do prices include delivery?
Some retailers may charge additional delivery. But this varies with each retailer.

Do products purchased from abroad include customs/taxes/VAT?
Please check with the individual retailer regarding this.


Please get in touch if you have any questions.


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