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The Puzzle Resurgence

As Covid caused us all to lockdown in 2020, it also created an unexpected surge in the popularity of jigsaw puzzles. With people stuck at home, looking for any entertainment they could find, puzzles proved a great source of entertainment and relaxation over a stressful time.

While people couldn’t leave their homes, they could still easily order a puzzle from the likes of Amazon or any of the many other online retailers, to keep themselves or the kids entertained. They were low-cost and therefore simple remedy to being stuck inside the house.

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Over 15 million was sold in the UK alone with a value of over £100 million in sales. Something was available to suit all ages, tastes and budget - no matter how niche!

They were promoted throughout the year virally through everyone social media posts to make them even more popular. So much so that production companies and retailers reportedly selling out of lots of their collections.

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